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VAISHNAV BEHAVIOUR                                                                                           by His Divine Grace OM Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj Vaishnava Tilak (While teaching Sanatana Dharma, Lord Chaitanya described twenty-six qualities of the Vaishnav ) Krpalu, akrta-doha, satya sara, sama, nirdosa, vadanya, mridu, suci, akincana sarvopakaraka, santa, krsnaik a-sarana akama, aniha, sthira, vijita-sad guna mita-bhuk, apramatta, manada, amani gambhira, karuna, maitra, kavi, mauni Devotees are always merciful, humble, truthful, equal to all, faultless, magnanimous, mild, and clean. They are without material possessions and they perform welfare work for everyone. They are peaceful, surrendered to Krishna and desire less. They are indifferent to material acquisitions and are fixed in devotional service. They completely control the six bad qualities- lust, anger, greed an
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Jhulan Purnima Utsav at our Temple in Navadvipa

Jhulan Utsav 2018 The autumn Swing Festival of Radha and Krishna is a v sweet and rasa-filled pastime. If you are having the right attitude of service, the Gopis of Vrinadavan will take you in to serve in the divine Lila. Lila means play. Ecstatic play. And that is what the energy of Vrindavan invites you into. The swing on which the couple sit, lovingly pushed by the sakhis of Radha gently moves toward and away from you. Such a powerful metaphor, the swing. Sometimes, they stand on the swing, and Krishna pushes the swing high into the sky, making Radha tremble and sway, leaving her with no option but to cling to him tightly for support. Her clothes come undone, and she feels very shy. Sometimes they sit, facing each other, lost in each others eyes. The sakhis sing and dance, and gently sway them to and fro. The heat and humidity of the monsoons is relieved by the breeze creating by the swinging. The deities in the temple were dressed in joyous colours and their temple beca

Gaur Purnima 2018

Gaur Purnima 2018 Celebrations at our Temple in Navadvipa Our Temple lit up like a bride for Dol Purnima 2018  As every year, the holy day of Gaur Purnima 2018 was celebrated with great devotion. As it is also the advent day of our beloved Guru, the day is specially holy. We had the most amazing serving of the divine pastimes of Radha and Krishna, of Gauranga Mahaprabhu through lila kirtan. The nectar of the Holy Name purified us so much, sung in Raga by the melodious kirtanias. Once a holy Vaishnav sage had told me: Lila Kirtan is a brilliant jewel that Bengal has offered the world. The main temple newly renovated The Deities wore gorgeous attires, fragrant garlands, and were adored by all of us to our hearts content. The special feasts prepared for the Deities were partaken by us as holy prasad, definitely giving us the feel of 'soul food'. The festivities in the temple and around the whole town, the fairy lights everywhere, the parikramas, the special hus

Navadvipa Dhama ~ the Love Locked Land!

All Glory to Guru & Gauranga! Navadvipa Dhama ~ the Love locked land! The transcendental nature of Navadvipa is revealed in a big way in all its beauty during the Dol Purnima festival. This is such a maddeningly magical time. There is so much one can do to taste the nectar of devotion. The ashrams are bursting at the seams with devotees ~ even a toehold during the discourses pouring out of the mouths of saints is a blessing. The temples are so beautifully decorated, the Dieties look ravishing, and the pilgrimage of the islands bestows blissfull blisters! Bathing in the Ganges, eating the prasad that has been offered to the Lord clears all body ailments and one feels the vitality of good health. What I also love very much is the sense of community, as people from all over the world congregate with the single intent to serve Lord Gauranga. One is instantly uplifted in this collective consciousness. The Holy Festival of Colours! Navadvipa ~ the land of nine islan

Radharani on Surrender

Radharani speaks on Surrender (as channelled by me) Surrender comes from deep love. The power of love melts away every trace of ego. In surrender, one begs, pleads, cajoles for the love and grace of the Beloved. What one gives up in surrender is the thought that I can stay separate from the beloved and still exist. One who is surrendered in love cannot think so. She thinks she cannot exist even for a moment without the Beloved. Her life is always on line. That is how she lives. While surrender is the best way to live, it is not necessarily the easiest way to live. A surrendered soul knows that one literally scrambles one way back to the Beloved. If it had been an easy one time process, wouldn’t we all have done it? On the way back to the Beloved, we have to accost every resistance that we have built against god. We will have to face all the thoughts, ideas, emotions that had first taken us away from Him. One by one, we will have to encounter and overcome each of these including our fea