Friday, May 20, 2011

Lord Nityananda's Message
(as channelled by me on the eve of Gaur Purnima, 2001, at Navadvipa)
The one thing that mankind has forgotton and is now time to remember is soul consciousness. No matter what you do, even if you fulfil all your desires and fulfilment all your pleasures, the fulfilment of your soul will not happen until you have inhabited the kingdom of god. So come into the fold of this realm now. Enjoy the bliss and glory of this world. It is so many times magnified as compared to the realm you think you will find fulfilment. The impious and the impervious will have to stall, take stalk, and enter into the realm of Gauranga’s love. My mission on earth was to distribute this love to all and sundry, and to whoever, to ignite the hearts of as many as possible.

Those were wondrous times when the Lord incarnated, and when the job of distributing His bhakti was performed by me. I had sung and danced in this land of Navadvipa, and my passion exists here. Those who connect to it will feel and experience it even now, and connect me to your heart. I bless you all.