Saturday, March 23, 2013

Navadvipa Dhama ~ the Love Locked Land!

All Glory to Guru & Gauranga!

Navadvipa Dhama ~ the Love locked land!

The transcendental nature of Navadvipa is revealed in a big way in all its beauty during the Dol Purnima festival. This is such a maddeningly magical time. There is so much one can do to taste the nectar of devotion. The ashrams are bursting at the seams with devotees ~ even a toehold during the discourses pouring out of the mouths of saints is a blessing. The temples are so beautifully decorated, the Dieties look ravishing, and the pilgrimage of the islands bestows blissfull blisters! Bathing in the Ganges, eating the prasad that has been offered to the Lord clears all body ailments and one feels the vitality of good health.

What I also love very much is the sense of community, as people from all over the world congregate with the single intent to serve Lord Gauranga. One is instantly uplifted in this collective consciousness.

The Holy Festival of Colours!

Navadvipa ~ the land of nine islands, holds endless mysteries. I have been blessed to visit this place for 13 years now, and it continues to stun me with revelations. That is the blessing of the Dham. It will reveal its transcendental truths if one revers its soil and soul. It is the eight petalled lotus with a transcendental centre ~ each petal the perfection of one of the 9 forms of bhakti. One can easily perfect one's devotion at this supreme transcendental land of Bhakti.

The Navadvipa Lotus depicting the Nine Limbs of Bhakti

The Supreme Lord Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu allowed us to witness his pastimes on earth during 1486 AD. Those fortunate to be associated with Him, participated in his sweet nitya lila for 48 years, called Prakata Lila (manifest pastimes). Now, when the Lord has returned to his transcendental realm Goloka Navadvipa, we cannot see His pastimes with the naked eye. And yet, he performs his pastimes eternally and incessantly  in this land, and it is called Aprakata Lila (unmanifest pastimes).

Why Navadvipa?

One can meditate and serve the Lord wherever on earth. In the supremely brilliant setting of Navadvipa where Lord Gauranga chose to reside, it is very easy to become aware of His pastimes than in any other place. One can feel His fragrance, his presence very intimately here. One can know in one's heart that He still makes Himself fully available in the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra, in the image of His Dieties, and in countless other ways.

Navadvipa-dhama is non-different from Vrndavana, and it is very elevated because it is the madhurya-dhama. It is the transcendental abode of the Lord’s sweet, human-like pastimes. Here there is no aisvarya (mood of opulence). Mahaprabhu is just Saci Mata’s darling little boy. When Mahaprabhu was a sannyasi, everyone called Him “Mahaprabhu,” meaning “great master,” whereas in Navadvipa He is known as Saci-nandana Gaurahari, Nimai and Visnu Priya-pranadhana – Visnu Priya’s dear beloved. One can play with Him, be intimate with Him.

Vishnupriya Devi ~ the Shakti
 of Lord Gauranga

To enter into the secrets of this dhama, we may pray to Navadvipa-dhama that it will reveal its profound glories to us.

The goal of the Gopis (milkmaids of Vrindavan) is not Krsna. Love of Krsna and service to Krsna is their goal. When Krishna manifested in Navadvipa, all the gopis also came with him, and their beautiful service to their Beloved is our best teaching.
Krsna is the embodiment of all rasas – He is akhila-rasamrta-sindhu. Still, He had three desires that He could not fulfill. To fulfill them He had to take the sentiments and complexion of Srimati Radhika and appear in Navadvipa-dhama.
Who is Mahaprabhu? He is actually Sri Krsna, but very beautifully decorated with Radhika’s sentiments and complexion. This is Sacinandana Gaurahari. This is why He is golden – He has taken his Beloved Radha Rani's bhava and kanti (complexion).

So Navadvipa is also the place of Sacred Union of Divine Love. In a few days, the full moon of Dol Purnima will drench us once again with Radha Krishna's divine love.

I offer my heartfelt obesience to my Gurudev Nita Lila Pravishta Om Vishnupad 108 Tridandi Swami Sri Srimat Bhakti Sravan Tirtha Goswami Maharaj, who mercifully showed me the path to god.

Jai Gaur Nitai!