Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gour Purnima 2011

Dear Beloved,

I had the most transcendental experience in Navadvipa, spending 4 days and 3 nights immersed in the ecstasy of the celebrations of Gour Purnima. The devotees that thronged the holy land this year were unusually large in numbers. Bhakti is growing!

I seek the continued blessing of my beloved Gurudev, Radharani, Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu that I may continue to serve them in their Dham.

Navadvipa is the Dham of Bhakti like no other!

All Glory to Guru and Gouranga!

The Return of Bhakti

A message by Radharani, channelled on eve of Gour Purnima, 18.3.2011

The sun shines brighter by the day, and so does the moon. And tomorrow is the most beauteous full moon, grandiose and fuller than ever. it shines with the love of Gouranga, The beautiful one, the radiant one. Those of you at Navadvipa are fully blessed, and those who remember the pastimes of Gouranga are blessed too. This is the time of resurgence of Bhakti. Bhakti of the rarest and refined realms will be revealed to those of you whose hearts are open. The bhakti that will be revealed now will cause the heart to become extremely tender and soft. There will be a melting down of the gross body because of the fire of bhakti that will burn all impurities. This fire of bhakti will bring a fluidity and flow in your body, in all your movements and in your life. The greatest of offences is nullified in the fire of bhakti. No matter what you have done till now, in this moment I clearly declare that all of those who light the fire of bhakti in their hearts now, will be completely cleared. The bhakti that I talk about is simple like a child crying for the attention of its mother, like a calf seeking its mother. Just like Krishna would bring the cows’ home at dusk, bhakti brings you back home at the dusk of the current age. And tomorrow, when the new sun shines, the cowherd lord will take the cows out to graze again.

The beauty of the world of devotion, its true meanings, colours and variations can be enjoyed to the fullest now. New meanings will be opened to you, and these will not come from scriptures, or mouths of guru’s. These will be revealed from the codings of your own heart. Do not be surprised if tears will flow, if your hair will stand on end, if the love in your heart will make you shake and tremble. The more you go deeper into this state, the more light you bring into yourself, and the more expansion you bring into your space. I bless you all on this auspicious occasion of Gaur Purnima. May the nectar of devotion fill your hearts now.