Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Radharani on Surrender

Radharani speaks on Surrender
(as channelled by me)

Surrender comes from deep love. The power of love melts away every trace of ego. In surrender, one begs, pleads, cajoles for the love and grace of the Beloved. What one gives up in surrender is the thought that I can stay separate from the beloved and still exist. One who is surrendered in love cannot think so. She thinks she cannot exist even for a moment without the Beloved. Her life is always on line. That is how she lives.

While surrender is the best way to live, it is not necessarily the easiest way to live. A surrendered soul knows that one literally scrambles one way back to the Beloved. If it had been an easy one time process, wouldn’t we all have done it? On the way back to the Beloved, we have to accost every resistance that we have built against god. We will have to face all the thoughts, ideas, emotions that had first taken us away from Him. One by one, we will have to encounter and overcome each of these including our fears, and every time we succeed, more surrender has happened. So let there be no misconception about surrender. When a woman marries a man, she surrenders her life to a new experience, and from that day on, every day she has to remember that she needs to surrender.

In the same way, a soul decides to surrender to god, and a great marriage happens there. From that day, like the newly wedded wife, the soul remembers it has to surrender again and again to its wedded master. How can this happen if intense love does not exist? This intense love keeps the marriage knot between the soul and spirit intact, and also burns away the resistance and impurity that challenge the surrender.

So every time you think you have failed, simply remember that you have run into an old resistance that brought you away in the first place. Look it in the eye like a worthy opponent, and when you look it in the eye the battle is won, and the path is cleared. Keep moving now, deeper and deeper and closer and closer to your beloved. As much as you are desperate to meet your beloved, the beloved longs for you too.


M said...

reading this on janmasthami... what more do i ask you, baba and krishna... its pure bliss. Been in office all day and yet... its been such a special janmashtami

M said...

Reding this blog on Janmasthami... what more could I ask of you, baba and Krishna...